Pine Creek Meadows

Pine Creek MeadowsThis is a new landscape painting I just finished. This particular scene is one I get to enjoy on my usual walk through my neighborhood. I love sunlight, and I love seeing Pine Creek Meadows bathed in sunlight. The cloud formations made it especially appealing that day.

Pine Creek Meadows, Oil on Panel, 12″ x 18″


~ by aaroncaycedokimura on July 7, 2009.

9 Responses to “Pine Creek Meadows”

  1. I want to go there with you to paint! Any bugs? I really like it.

    • Thank you, Linda. I’m glad you like it. I don’t know of any bug-free place. Maybe we can try the seashore on a slightly windy day.

      • I went to the beach to paint yesterday (a slightly windy day). I got bitten by two horseflies.

  2. Beautiful! Your paintings are such an inspiration everytime I look at them. Nice Job!

  3. I love the clouds. wish I was there to enjoy some painting time. Great Job Aaron, I can stare at this as the day passes into night!!!

    • Thank you, Melissa. Yes, we’re going to have to get you out for some painting time somehow, someway.

  4. Wow are you sure you live in Connecticut? It looks like a meadow in France or England. This is one of your best yet. Beautiful. And you said you weren’t a landscape painter. Maybe you have found a new calling!!

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