Sky, Sound, Sand

Sky, Sound, SandSky, Sound, Sand, Oil on Panel, 12″ x 10″

Luisa and I went to Sasco Beach here in Fairfield, CT, one recent morning to eat our breakfast and to spend some quiet time (writing for her and painting for me). Sky, Sound, Sand was inspired by a work that my friend Rachel recently painted at Jennings Beach, also here in Fairfield. Although it may look like a purely abstract piece, it’s representational. I applied a lot of the paint with a palette knife, which is unusual for me, but the simplicity of the composition seemed to beg for it. Looking out at Long Island Sound and painting is a calming meditation.


~ by aaroncaycedokimura on August 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “Sky, Sound, Sand”

  1. beautiful and simplistic

  2. Cool Aaron! Yours looks so much more painterly than mine, though!! I love it!

  3. My detail oriented mind is simply saying, damn! Job
    well done, Aaron!

    • Thanks, Tom. I appreciate that. I’m not so detail oriented, so I figure why fight it??

  4. Very calming….if I had this piece, I could look out at the water always. I love it.

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