Lurking in the Basement

NeedNeed, Charcoal on Paper, 12″ x 18″

A couple of days ago, I was meeting with my friend Heidi who’s the Creative Arts Director at my church. She told me of an upcoming service that was about the needs in our community and how we can practically meet them. She wanted to include some visual art in the multi-arts presentation. Since the service is coming up so soon, she kindly suggested that the piece could be something that I’ve already made, but I didn’t have anything appropriate.

After thinking about it a little, I got the idea for a charcoal drawing. The image that came to mind seemed a bit trite, but at the same time, I felt that it was strong, simple and universally understandable. I’m always meaning to draw more (I really should), but I just never get to it. You think painting is messy? I did the drawing down in the basement so I wouldn’t get charcoal dust all over my studio. The basement is dark and unfinished. I sat there drawing by the light of one bulb and had a great time. Maybe I should lurk down there more often.


~ by aaroncaycedokimura on August 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Lurking in the Basement”

  1. Great job Aaron! Speaks well visually for the event. My “studio”
    is in my basement and I refer to it as my dungeon. I do however
    have more lighting than you did. More power to ya!

    • Hey, thanks, Tom. You have a dungeon too, huh? I do my framing down there (as well as the laundry). It feels really isolated down there. Maybe that’s why I like it.

  2. I’ve been told that hands are very difficult to do. You did a great job! The one reaching out is very expressive. You should do more charcoal in your dungeon!

    • Thank you, Linda. Some drawings seem to draw themselves, while others refuse to cooperate, like the one I’m working on right now. Similar to this one. I will continue to struggle with it today in my dungeon.

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