Structures, Oil on Panel, 15.5″ x 24″

Last week, my friend Rachel and I went to Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford, CT, for two consecutive mornings. We’re trying to get in as much plein air painting as we can before it gets too cold. On both days, the sun was shining, and the temperature was cool and crisp. Perfect.

I set out really wanting to focus on design/composition. There are a number of interesting structures at Boothe Memorial Park, so I found a group of very satisfying subjects. Usually, my approach to composition is very intuitive, but I think for this coming year, I want to really zero in and deliberately think more about how my paintings are structured.

I started this painting on the second day. Instead of jumping right in to accurately record what I saw, I began by asking myself this question: “What’s this scene really all about?” or in other words, “What’s going on here in terms of design?” I paid careful attention to shapes, colors, tonal patterns, and edges. I edited what I saw, paring it down to what I thought was essential. I also added and altered some things to enhance the design. All in all, it was a very satisfying experience.


~ by aaroncaycedokimura on November 5, 2009.

12 Responses to “Structures”

  1. Love the color choices and the placement/emphasis on the red shed…not TOO much emphasis…just enough for your eye to rest there!

  2. a very inviting visual experience — truly felt like I was being invited in. wonderful color –worth braving the cold on another day

  3. You were in my neck of the woods. 🙂 I love how thoughtful you are about your art. I too want to take more time to deliberately think about composition instead of just relying on my intuition. Your post was a great reminder.
    PS: “Return to Silver Sands” is beautiful.

    • Athena! Thanks so much for visiting again. Yeah, design/composition/structure is bottom line important. Glad you like “Return.” I’m going back to your neck of the woods this morning to paint.

  4. I like how the vermilion of the shed is echoed in the trees. Also like reading your thoughts on more a more deliberate approach to composition. From what I have seen of your work I think that your intuitive approach has served you well… still have fun with this as you explore!

    • Thank you, Valerie. I realize that most of what I do in life is by intuition. That’s how I naturally operate. Thank you for your compliment.

  5. Nicely done, Aaron. The juxtaposition of the various shapes are wonderful and I really like the colors in this piece!

  6. Hi Aaron, I saw your cartoon on Personality Plus in Business. I like your art!

    • Hi Mickey, thank you so much for coming over and visiting my artlog. Glad you like my work!

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