Apple of My Eye

Apple of My EyeApple of My Eye, Acrylic on Wood, 1″ x 1″

My Twitter friend Heather Kent (visit her at makes very cool hand painted necklaces. They are super adorable, and I really admire them.

Her work made me remember the time when I, as a child, cut and painted a couple of little objects out of balsa wood (a peace sign and a lady bug) for my mother. She lovingly strung them together with a chain and wore it as a necklace. I thought it was pretty cool of her to do that, and as the artist, I was proud that she actually wore it to work!

For my wife’s birthday, I made her a tiny painting on a small block of wood (1″ x 1″ x 3/8″) that she could wear wherever she goes. Because I needed it to dry really quickly, I painted it with acrylics, and I gave it a couple of clear acrylic protective coats. My wife hopes to be a professor someday, so I painted an apple for the teacher, who is, of course, the apple of my eye.


~ by aaroncaycedokimura on November 11, 2009.

16 Responses to “Apple of My Eye”

  1. No gem could sparKle as much! I am sure that she must have loved it. What a wonderful tribute!

  2. Beautiful necklace! Wonderful job, I’m honored to be mentioned 🙂

  3. What a fabulous post and a great idea, Aaron. This is lovely! Might I ask how you attached the cording? And I would have to say that you must have inherited your artistic ability from your very creative (and ahead of her time) mom!

    • Thank you, Leaves. I drilled a hole straight through the block, so the cotton cord passes right through. I knotted the cord on each side of the hole, so the knot tying the two ends together (no catch) would remain at the back of the neck an not travel to the front. I also inserted a metal weight (the end of a cut nail) into the block via another hole I drilled and then covered up with wood filler. I did this so the piece would have a little more weight and hang properly. Thank you for visiting and for your question.

  4. Thank you for the answers, Aaron. I was thinking this was an awesome idea for a gift for my mom. I’ve reached an impasse on figuring out just what to get that woman for Christmas! My art is limping along. I wonder if I’ll ever get even 1/4 as good as all my artist blogging buddies!

    • When you give a gift of your art, you are really giving a piece of yourself, your heart. She will love it. I don’t have a drill press right now, but if you can acquire one, it will be of great help in making something for her. Email me any questions you may have when making your mom’s necklace. Keep painting! Painting, looking, thinking, learning.

  5. Aaron, What a great gift. It must have made you proud to see her walk out the door wearing it. Beautiful job. -Don

  6. Hi Aaron.
    I joined Twitter just so I could follow you in your world of art. I love the post and apple necklace. Your work has such a signature to it. I just love it! A

    • Dray! Thank you so much for visiting my artlog! So glad you joined Twitter too! Glad you like the post and necklace. Catch you online.

  7. That is so touching. I am moved by the sententious with your mother and your wife.

    • Hi Heather! Hey, thanks so much for visiting my artlog. They are the two greatest women I know.

  8. That is so sweet. What a beautiful gift. I bet she loved it.

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