Frames 1

Many people ask me about my frames and how I make them. In fact, I receive almost as many compliments on my frames as I do on the paintings themselves. Thank you so much!

I display most all of my paintings in pine “floaters” that are painted black. I do this for a few reasons: 1) it helps to give my paintings a consistent look, allowing them to hang together well, 2) it helps to give my work a “contemporary” feel, and 3) the floater construction enhances the constructive nature of my work. I’m a “maker” and like to build my images with layers of marks that the oil medium lends itself to: brush strokes, drips, spatters, palette knife applications, etc. I want the viewer, who is also allowed to glimpse the painted edges of the board or canvas because of the floater construction, to have a sense that my paintings aren’t just flat 2-dimensional pictures, but rather constructed objects.

I really enjoy making these frames and feel that it offers me a different kind of creative activity alongside of painting. In my next post “Frames 2,” I will describe how I make them.


~ by aaroncaycedokimura on November 19, 2009.

8 Responses to “Frames 1”

  1. I love when artists give instructions, Aaron. These look so lovely! I reacently saw another blogger frame a triptych with this similar construct, though his was stained (I think). I thought it looked pretty cool and your reasons are spot on for displaying your work in a consistent method. In fact, the bottom photo on the left? At first I thought I was looking out a window!

  2. Thank you for your email, Aaron. I have not even begun to attempt the necklace (I was thinking of doing matching earrings too). Why? I am afraid I do not have the proper tools around here to make the little blocks. I am also wondering if it would split the wood to attempt drilling a hole in it without a vice to hold it steady. My husband is not the least bit creative and I’ve not worked much with wood (much as I love all things wood). I’m still thinking on it and wishing I had some old Scrabble tiles! LOL I may just see if I can find some somewhere. Now there’s an idea!…

    • Yes, I understand. Having the proper tools is important. I don’t have a vice or a drill press, but I do use a framing saw. That allows me to hold the wood in place and make pretty precise cuts. For the holes, I just used a hand drill and held the wood with my other hand. No splitting.

  3. Really like how you describe yourself as a ‘maker’ Aaron, and I’m looking forward to seeing how these frames are made. As always thank you for sharing a bit about your work and yourself.

    • For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved making things. Constructing things. Putting them together. Thank you for visiting, Rose.

  4. So much talent lies in one person. I like how you give your art a contemporary feel with the frames too.
    PS: Can I borrow your musical talent if you’re not using it? 😉

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