Blue Bowl with Clementines

Blue Bowl with Clementines,
Oil on Board, 12″ x 14″, $700

I haven’t painted a still life in color in over a year! I’ve done some drawings in charcoal, graphite, and carbon, and one monochromatic still life in oil, but no color since Rose, Pitcher, and Bowl (please see my April 23, 2010, post “Spectrum 2010”). It was such a pleasure to make this painting. The simple, somewhat triangular composition (formed by the shadow and lights of the bowl and clementines) and the complementary orange and blue  against the neutral back and fore grounds made it an appealing subject for me. It was also nice that the clementines worked for free and made a nice snack afterward.


~ by aaroncaycedokimura on May 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Blue Bowl with Clementines”

  1. Really lovely Aaron. I always like your still lifes no matter the medium 🙂

  2. I am missing the black! Still, this is lovely, Aaron! You’ve been so busy that I miss seeing your works posted here!

  3. Aaron – these clementines look very familiar. Oh yea, you brought them to the office a few weeks back. Again, nice work.

  4. Nice job, Aaron. Love the rich colors, especially in the clementines.


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